IELTS ライティング エッセイタイプ別対策 Direct Question Essay

IELTS ライティング ー Direct Question Essayとは?

IELTSのライティング Task 2のエッセイの形式のひとつ、Direct Question Essayとは、質問文が2つあるタイプのエッセイです。
例えば、以下の設問はDirect Question Essayです。

Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology.
In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships that people make?
Has this been a positive or negative development?

クエスチョンマーク(質問文)がお題の中に2つあることが、Direct Question Essayの特徴です。

  • ボディー1には、1つ目の質問 “In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships that people make?” の答えを書きます。
  • ボディー2には、2つ目の質問 “Has this been a positive or negative development” の答えを書きます。

つまり、構成は advantages(いい点)とdisadvantages(欠点)を問われる “discussion essay” のように、とてもシンプルだと言えます。


第1段落:Introduction ー 問題文の言い換え+エッセイのプラン
第2段落:Body 1 ー 1つ目の質問についての回答
第3段落:Body 2 ー 2つ目の質問についての回答
第4段落:Conclusion ー 問題文の再提議+ボディー1と2のまとめ

Direct Question type のイントロの展開は?




In recent years, technology has dramatically changed the way of communicating with others. In this essay, I will discuss how technology has transformed the ways of communication and influenced relationships and the reasons I believe this development brings positive effects on our lives.


①「Direct Question」タイプのエッセイで求められる内容は、「Cause and Solution」タイプのエッセイと似ていることがあります。

例えば、What are the causes of this? and what measures can be taken to solve the problem? という課題は、?マークが2つあるので「Direct Question」ですが、問われている内容は「causes(原因)」「measures(対処法)」と、「Cause and Solution」と同じですね。ただし、Direct Questionでは、書くべき内容が「原因」「解決策」に限らないという違いがあります。

先ほどの質問の場合は、Cause and Solutionと同じく、causesをボディー1に書き、その解決策 (measures) をボディー2に書きます。

② 問題の中で自分の意見が求められる場合があります (オピニオンエッセイのようなパターン)


【例】Do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 

【イントロ 解答例】
I agree with the statement that music can bring people together (and I will discuss the reasons for my view).

※ この場合、(and I will discuss the reasons for my view) が余計で冗長的に聞こえてしまいます。オピニオンだけを聞かれている時はエッセイのプランを一緒に入れる必要はありません。

 Direct Question タイプのエッセイでは、2つの質問のうち1つで自分の意見を聞かれる事もあります。


この場合、”I will discuss why people think owning a house is important and I believe this idea can bring a negative influence on the society.” と書くようにするとうまくまとまります。

┃Direct Question エッセイサンプル┃ 解答例


In some countries, owning a home rather than reading one is very important for people.Why might this be the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?  

It is true that home ownership is an important status symbol in some societies. I will discuss why people think owning a house is important and I believe this situation can bring negative influence on the society.

ボディー1:1つ目の質問 “Why might this be the case?” の質問の答え

The reason why people think owning a property is important is that real estate is a perfect form of good long-term investment. That is, the value of accommodation is appreciating at an alarming pace in many major cities. Therefore, people wish to own it before they cannot afford to purchase and to invest their wealth in something more lucrative and profitable. Another reason would be that homeowners can get numerous benefits including tax deductions if they mortgage their property. Since a mortgage is considered a good debt, it is likely to increase their credit score. Considering that owing a property is a privilege in the society, an increasing number of people wishes to have their own home.

ボディー2:2つ目の質問 “Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?” の答え

That being said, having a house is not all positive because homeowners cannot move one place to another easier than tenants who rent a property. In addition, many financial responsibilities and long-term commitment come with the purchase and these can be heavy burden on the owners. More importantly, land for housing in rural areas is rapidly exploited and natural habitats are destroyed. The more we demand for housing, more land is used for housing construction. In this rapid development, we cannot protect natural habitats that many wildlife depends upon. We need to share our planet to coexist with other living creatures. Ultimately, land is not all ours.


In conclusion, home ownership is important because it can bring a lot of benefits to property owners, so many people want to own it rather than to rent, however, the increasing demand of housing construction affects natural habitats negatively due to the housing expansion in the countryside.

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IELTS ライティング Task 2の5つのエッセイタイプと攻略法

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  • Opinion エッセイ (対策ページはこちら)
  • Cause and Solution エッセイ (対策ページはこちら)
  • Direct Question エッセイ (このページ)

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