IELTS レベルチェック リスニング

IELTS リスニングのレベルチェックをしてみましょう。

IELTS レベルチェックテストの詳しい説明はこちら



※今回はSection 2を想定した問題のため、音声ではQuestion 11-20とされていますが、以下の問題ではQuestion 1-10と表記しています。内容に差はありませんので、このままテストに取り組んでください。



Question 1-4

Complete the sentences below. 

1. The next event at the hotel will be a

2. The number of guests will be

3. Guests will start arriving at

4. The entertainment will be a

Question 5-7

Who will be responsible for the following jobs as the guests arrive?
Choose THREE answers and write the correct letter, A-E.

A: Susan
B: Ahmed
C: Gary
D: Olav
E: Monica

5. offer drinks to guests

6. take guests' coats and hats

7. show guests where to go

Question 8-10

Complete the sentences below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

General instructions

In order to get the guests to move to the restaurant the hotel manager will 8. .

Seating plans will be placed on each table and also in the 9. .

There will be a total of three 10. .