IELTSスピーキングに役立つ分野別 英単語の習得

IELTS スピーキング┃スコアアップ対策 

IELTSスピーキングでスコアアップするには、IELTSのライティングでも求められる「トピック別単語」の習得が必須です。パート2とパート3でとても役に立ちます。IELTS スピーキングで頻繁に出るテーマに沿った単語を習得して語彙力をアピールすることができます。


  •   Music
  •   Environment
  •   Communication
  •   Art
  •   Education
  •   Shopping
  •   Sports
  •   Space 
  •   Transportation 



Describe a song you like to listen to

You should say
• What the piece of music is called
• How long you have liked it
• When you like to listen to it
And say why you like it so much.

ここでは、music のジャンルに関する単語、”classical”, “rock”, “reggae”, “blues”, “psychedelic (60’s代-70’s初期の音楽)” などを押さえておきましょう。例えば「本」について聞かれてもジャンルは外せません。(基本となるジャンルは必ず覚えてください)

※本のジャンル:mystery novel, magazine, Gossip, fiction, non-fiction, Science fiction, Romance, Action, Adventure など

音楽で言えば、その他にも “musical instrument”, “catchy tune”, “lyrics”, “live music”, “smash hit” なども覚えるといいでしょう。




“Well, the word I want to describe it has just slipped my mind. (度忘れする), anyway, the tool to make musical sounds (musical instrument)…”


IELTS スピーキング対策として、ライティングと同様に重要となってくる「 topic-specific words」。


Living (生活)-specific words

cost of living 生活費The cost of living is fairly reasonable. 
pace of life 生活のペースThere is a fairly slow pace of life where I come from. 
the rat race 激しい出世競争I moved out to avoid the rat race. 
atmosphere   雰囲気It’s got a really relaxed atmosphere. 
pollution 汚染、公害The air quality is terrible because of the pollution. 
overcrowding   過密Like most places, it suffers from overcrowding. 
amenities (快適な)施設、設備
One of the best points is that it has excellent amenities.
poverty 貧困You can see poverty everywhere. 
sense of community  地域社会意識What I enjoy most is the sense of community there. 

Area (地域)-specific words 

residential area住宅地We live in a residential area on the outskirts of the city. 
housing estate 住宅街There is a shortage of accommodation so they are building some new housing estates. 
industrial zone 工業地帯Fortunately, the industrial zones are outside the city limits so the pollution isn’t too bad. 
suburbs   郊外Most people choose to live in the suburbs as it is much quieter there. 
outskirts 外れMost of the superstores are some way from the city centre on the outskirts of the city. 
inner city  都心近接地域It is a quite safe place but some of the inner-city areas can be dangerous late at night.  
heart of the city 都心I suppose the heart of the city is the main square in the city centre. 
neighbourhood 近所、近隣、
You can see poverty everywhere. 
affluent 裕福なThe neighbourhood I live in is quite affluent. 

Transport(交通) -specific words

congestion 渋滞Where I come from, the congestion is terrible. 
traffic jams 交通渋滞Like most places, we get traffic jams in the rush hour. 
bus route バスの路線Fortunately, I live near a convenient bus route. 
subway system   
地下鉄There are a lot of means of transport; even an underground system. 
commute 通勤するSome people choose to live in the country and commute in to work. 
carpool  自動車[マイカー]の相乗り
Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car.
rapid transit都市圏における高速鉄道The Toronto subway is a rapid transit system serving Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
bike lanes 自転車専用道路Support for building more bike lanes.
coach 長距離バスBook a coach journey to London from various destinations around the UK.


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